Combined saline solution for rehydration and detoxification. It provides hemodynamic effects, reducing hypovolemia, preventing blood clots tomoxifen and the development of metabolic acidosis, improves capillary blood circulation, enhances diuresis and has a detoxication effect.

Rehydration, intoxication on the background of dehydration (including cholera, acute dysentery, food poisoning).

Hypersensitivity, hyperkalemia, renal and heart failure, alkalosis.

Dosing and Administration
Intravenous (bolus and infusion), under tomoxifen the control of laboratory parameters. Within 1 hour the solution was injected in an amount corresponding to 7 – 10% of the body weight of the patient; then replaced bolus drip for 24 – 48 hours at 40 – 120 drops / min. Before the introduction of the solution warmed to 36 – 38 ° C. The solution was administered in an amount necessary to restore the fluid volume lost with feces, vomit, urine and sweat. Balance imposed and the lost fluid is determined every 6 hours.

Side effects:
swelling, tachycardia, hyperkalemia. Rarely – chills.

therapy is performed under the control of the hematocrit and blood electrolyte concentration.
With the development of hyperkalemia solution can be replaced with a solution “Disol” to normalize the electrolyte balance.

Product form
Solution for infusion of 200 or 400 ml tomoxifen in glass bottles for blood, infusion and transfusion products with a capacity of 250 or 450 ml, respectively, sealed with rubber stoppers and crimped aluminum caps.
For one bottle with instructions for use and gasket made of corrugated cardboard is placed in a carton pack.
20 bottles of 250 ml or 15 bottles of 450 ml capacity with 5 – 10 copies of the instructions for use in a cardboard box (for hospitals).